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CMS Accounts and Training Request Form

Prospective CMS users should not be programmers. They should be content creators - people who are good with words. The most necessary skills are an excellent grasp of English grammar and spelling, and the ability to organize content. Some experience in communications or marketing is ideal but not necessary.  Please note:

  • SLU is currently undergoing a change to a new CMS. Requests to be trained in the old CMS (Ingeniux) will be granted on a limited, as needed basis.Trainings for the new CMS (OU Campus) will be conducted as content for that area is migrated. 
  • CMS accounts are given to staff and faculty only; No students or contractors/consultants are eligible for CMS accounts.
  • Whenever possible, CMS access should be to edit a group of content, rather than a specific page or project. Please work within your department or division to collaborate on content for 
  • Only authorized users who have been trained and provided accounts by SLU marketing and communications may work in the system; you may not allow an unauthorized individual to use your CMS account, in accordance with Saint Louis University's Information Technology Appropriate Use Policy.
  • Any CMS account that has not been used for 90 days will be deactivated.

If you would like to request an account for the content management system (CMS), complete and submit the form below.

Once submitted, your request will require the authorization of your director, dean or chair of your department to be processed. After your request has been authorized, you will need to complete a CMS training before being given access to the system. A member of the web services team will contact you via email to schedule your training.

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